A Rare Giant Pleural Thymoma in Posterior Mediastinum.

Kalloli, M and Vijayakumar, M and Srinivas, C and Ramachandra, C (2012) A Rare Giant Pleural Thymoma in Posterior Mediastinum. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Thymoma is an epithelial neoplasm of the thymus, which commonly lies in the anterior mediastinum. Unusually, thymomas can also be found in other locations. Surgical excision, when feasible, appears to provide good results. We encountered a rare case of a thymoma that developed in the right thoracic cavity, and originating from the pleura in posterior mediastinum. We describe the clinical scenario, investigations, and our management of the patient.

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Keywords:Thymoma; Pleural tumor; Posterior mediastinum; Surgical excision
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