Cellular-Automata and Innovation within Indonesian Traditional Weaving Crafts

Situngkir, Hokky (2013) Cellular-Automata and Innovation within Indonesian Traditional Weaving Crafts. [Departmental Technical Report]

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The paper reports the possibility of Indonesian traditional artisans of weaving designs and crafts to explore the cellular automata, a dynamical model in computation that may yield similar patterns. The reviews of the cellular automata due to the perspective of weaving process reveals that the latter would focus on macro-properties, i.e.: the strength of structural construction beside the aesthetic patterns and designs. The meeting of traditional weaving practice and the computational model is delivered and open the door for interesting discourse of computer-aided designs for the traditional artists and designers to come.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:cellular automata, weaving designs, computer-aided designs, Indonesia, crafts.
Subjects:Computer Science > Complexity Theory
Computer Science > Human Computer Interaction
Computer Science > Dynamical Systems
Psychology > Perceptual Cognitive Psychology
Philosophy > Philosophy of Mind
Psychology > Social Psychology
ID Code:9126
Deposited By: Situngkir, Mr Hokky
Deposited On:25 Feb 2014 12:35
Last Modified:25 Feb 2014 12:35

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