Coherence in a coupled network: Implication for brain function

Ye, Zhen (2000) Coherence in a coupled network: Implication for brain function. [Preprint]

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In many body systems, constituents interact with each other, forming a recursive pattern of mutual interaction and giving rise to many interesting phenomena. Based upon concepts of the modern many body theory, a model for a generic many body system is developed. A novel approach is used to investigate the general features in such a system. An interesting phase transition in the system is found. Possible link to brain dynamics is discussed. It is shown how some of the basic brain processes, such as learning and memory, find therein a natural explanation.

Item Type:Preprint
Keywords:brain dynamics, network, energy storage
Subjects:Neuroscience > Biophysics
Biology > Theoretical Biology
Neuroscience > Brain Imaging
ID Code:924
Deposited By: Ye, Zhen
Deposited On:08 Aug 2000
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