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Tan, Prof. Dr. Uner (2014) Co-Variations among Cognition, Cerebellar Disorders and Cortical Areas With Regional Glucose-Metabolic Activities in a Homogeneous Sample with Uner Tan Syndrome: Holistic Functioning of the Human Brain. [Journal (Paginated)]

Jacobs, Joshua and Weidemann, Christoph T. and Miller, Jonathan F. and Solway, Alec and Burke, John F. and Wei, Xue-Xin and Suthana, Nanthia and Sperling, Michael R. and Sharan, Ashwini D. and Fried, Itzhak and Kahana, Michael J. (2013) Direct recordings of grid-like neuronal activity in human spatial navigation. [Journal (Paginated)]

You, Wonsang and Stadler, Jörg (2012) Fractal-driven distortion of resting state functional networks in fMRI: a simulation study. [Conference Poster]

You, Wonsang and Achard, Sophie and Stadler, Jörg and Brückner, Bernd and Seiffert, Udo (2012) Fractal analysis of resting state functional connectivity of the brain. [Conference Paper]

Tan, Prof. Dr. Uner and Tamam, Prof. Dr. Yusuf and Karaca, Prof. Dr. Sibel and Tan, Prof. Dr. Meliha (2012) Uner Tan Syndrome: Review and Emergence of Human Quadrupedalism in Self-Organization, Attarctors and evolutionary Perspectives. [Book Chapter]

Baianu, Prof.Dr. I.C. (2011) Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease by NIRF Spectroscopy and Nuclear Medicine. [Preprint]

Davelaar, Eddy J. and Tian, Xing and Weidemann, Christoph T. and Huber, David E. (2011) A habituation account of change detection in same/different judgments. [Journal (Paginated)]

Tan, Prof. Dr. Uner (2010) Uner Tan Syndrome: History, Clinical Evaluations, Genetics, and the Dynamics of Human Quadrupedalism. [Journal (Paginated)]

Tarnow, Dr. Eugen (2008) Response probability and latency: a straight line, an operational definition of meaning and the structure of short term memory. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Miyapuram, Krishna P. (2008) Introduction to fMRI: experimental design and data analysis. (Unpublished)

Kopp, Mag. Herwig (2007) Tropen & Neuronen. Transzendentale, physiologische und sprachliche Korrelate von »Begriffen«. [Thesis]

Candelario-Jalil, Dr. Eduardo and Taheri, Dr. Saeid and Yang, Dr. Yi and Sood, Dr. Rohit and Grossetete, Dr. Mark and Estrada, Eduardo and Fiebich, Dr. Bernd L. and Rosenberg, Dr. Gary A. (2007) Cyclooxygenase Inhibition Limits Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption following Intracerebral Injection of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in the Rat. [Journal (Paginated)]

Miyapuram, Krishna P. and Pammi, V. S. Chandrasekhar and Ahmed, Ahmed and Bapi, Raju S. (2007) Neuroinformatics Tools for Functional MRI: Experimental Design and Data Analysis. (Unpublished)

Singh, Vishwajeet and Miyapuram, K. P. and Bapi, Raju S. (2007) Detection of Cognitive States from fMRI data using Machine Learning Techniques. [Conference Poster]

Bernhard, Mr. Andrew E. (2006) The primary function of REM sleep. [Preprint]

Bapi, Dr. Raju S. and Miyapuram, Mr. K. P. and Graydon, Dr. F. X. and Doya, Dr. Kenji (2006) fMRI Investigation of Cortical and Subcortical Networks in the Learning of Abstract and Effector-Specific Representations of Motor Sequences. [Journal (Paginated)]

Anderson, Prof. Michael L. (2006) Evolution of cognitive function via redeployment of brain areas. [Preprint]

Tarnow, Dr. Eugen (2005) Properties of the Short Term Memory Structure. [Preprint]

Tarnow, Dr. Eugen (2005) The Short Term Memory Structure In State-Of-The Art Recall/Recognition Experiments of Rubin, Hinton and Wentzel. [Preprint]

Morin, Alain (2004) Self-awareness, self-recognition, and Theory of Mind: Conceptual distinctions and neuroanatomic localization. [Conference Poster]

Morin, Alain (2003) Let's face it. A review of Keenan, Gallup, & Falk's book "The Face in the Mirror". [Journal (Paginated)]

Bapi, Raju S. and Pammi, V. S. Chandrasekhar and Miyapuram, K. P. (2003) Methods and Approaches for Characterizing Learning Related Changes Observed in functional MRI Data — A Review. [Conference Poster]

Reid, Mark D (2002) EXPLAINING LATERALITY. (Unpublished)

Ferguson, Mr Jack (2002) Dyslexia and Brain Scans: A Critique of Experimental Design. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Fiebach, Christian J. and Maess, Burkhard and Friederici, Angela D. (2002) Neuromagnetic evidence that differences in verb and noun processing are modulated by the presence of a syntactic context. [Conference Paper]

Morin, Alain (2002) On the importance of inner speech for self-awareness. [Conference Poster] (Unpublished)

Morin, Alain (2002) Right hemispheric self-awareness: A critical assessment. [Journal (Paginated)]

Lamm, Claus (2001) Functional Neuroanatomy of Dynamic Visuo-Spatial Imagery. [Thesis]

Fitzgerald, Robert and Lamm, Claus and Oczenski, Wolfgang and Stimpfl, Thomas and Vycudilik, Walter and Bauer, Herbert (2001) Direct Current Auditory Evoked Potentials During Wakefulness, Anesthesia, and Emergence from Anesthesia. [Journal (Paginated)]

Lamm, Claus and Bauer, Herbert and Vitouch, Oliver and Durec, Susanne and Gronister, Roswitha and Gstättner, Reinhard (2001) Restriction of task processing time affects cortical activity during processing of a cognitive task: an event-related slow cortical potential study. [Journal (Paginated)]

Stemmer, Brigitte and Segalowitz, Sidney J. and Witzke, Wolfgang and Lacher, Sieglinde and Schönle, Paul Walter (2000) Error detection and the Error-related ERP in patients with lesions involving the anterior cingulate and adjacent regions. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Stemmer, Brigitte and Corre, Marianne and Joanette, Yves (2000) THE MIND AND BRAIN SCHOLAR AS A HITCH-HIKER IN POST-GUTENBERG GALAXY: PUBLISHING AT 2000 AND BEYOND. [Preprint]

Ye, Zhen (2000) Coherence in a coupled network: Implication for brain function. [Preprint]

Vigário, Dr Ricardo and Särelä, Mr Jaakko and Jousmäki, Dr Veikko and Hämäläinen, Dr Matti and Oja, prof. Erkki (2000) Independent component approach to the analysis of EEG and MEG recordings. [Journal (Paginated)]

Zwaan, Rolf and Kaup, Barbara and Stanfield, Robert and Madden, Carol (2000) Language comprehension as guided experience. (Unpublished)

Ingber, Lester (1999) Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions: Reaction time correlates of the g factor. [Preprint]

Lamm, Claus and Bauer, Herbert and Vitouch, Oliver and Gstättner, Reinhard (1999) Differences in the ability to process a visuo-spatial task are reflected in event-related slow cortical potentials of human subjects. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, Theodore H. (1999) The Future of Research on Electroreception and Electrocommunication. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. (1999) Neuroethology has pregnant agendas. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. (1999) Slow potentials in the brain: still little understood but gradually getting analytical attention. [Journal (Paginated)]

Prechtl, James C. and von der Emde, Gerhard and Wolfart, Jakob and Karamürsel, Saçit and Akoev, George N. and Andrianov, Yuri N. and Bullock, Theodore H. (1998) Sensory processing in the pallium of a mormyrid fish. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harpaz, Yehouda (1998) Replicability of cognitive imaging of the cerebral cortex By PET and fMRI: A survey of recent literature. [Preprint]

Moortgat, Katherine T. and Keller, Clifford H. and Bullock, Theodore H. and Sejnowski, Terrence J. (1998) Submicrosecond pacemaker precision is behaviorally modulated: The gymnotiform electromotor pathway. [Journal (Paginated)]

Posner, Michael I. and Pavese, Antonella (1998) Anatomy of word and sentence meaning. [Journal (Paginated)]

Yordanova, Juliana and Kolev, Vasil (1998) A single sweep analysis of the theta frequency band during auditory oddball task. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. and Enright, J.T. and Chong, K.M. (1998) Forays with the additive periodogram applied to the EEG. [Journal (Paginated)]

Jancke, L. and Staiger, J.F. and Schlaug, G. and Huang, Y. and Steinmetz, H. (1997) The relationship between corpus callosum size and forebrain volume. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. and Achimowicz, J.Z. and Duckrow, R.B. and Spencer, S.S. and Iragui-Madoz, V.J. (1997) Bicoherence of intracranial EEG in sleep, wakefulness and seizures. [Journal (Paginated)]

Wright, J.J. and Liley, D.T.L (1996) Dynamics of the brain at global and microscopic scales: Neural networks and the EEG. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. and McClune, M. and Achimowicz, J. and V.J., Iragui-Madoz and R.B., Duckrow and S.S., Spencer (1995) EEG coherence has structure in the millimeter domain. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. and McClune, M.C. and Achimowicz, J.Z. and Iragui-Madoz, V.J. and Duckrow, R.B. and Spencer, S.S. (1995) Temporal fluctuations in coherence of brain waves. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bullock, T.H. and Karamürsel, Sacit and Hofmann, Michael H. (1993) Interval-specific event related potentials to omitted stimuli in the electrosensory pathway in elasmobranchs: an elementary form of expectation. [Journal (Paginated)]

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