Language comprehension as guided experience

Zwaan, Rolf and Kaup, Barbara and Stanfield, Robert and Madden, Carol (2000) Language comprehension as guided experience. (Unpublished)

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Language comprehension is best viewed as guided experience. The linguistic input provides cues to the human brain as to how to construct experiential simulations of the state of affairs it denotes. We show that this view of language comprehension is consistent with a range of extant evidence in a variety of fields, ranging from historical linguistics to cognitive neuroscience. We furthermore discuss new evidence that directly supports the experience-based view. We argue that the prevailing amodal view of language comprehension is unable to coherently account for this evidence.

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Keywords:comprehension, embodied cognition, language, mental representation, mental simulation, situation model
Subjects:Neuroscience > Brain Imaging
Psychology > Cognitive Psychology
Psychology > Evolutionary Psychology
Linguistics > Historical Linguistics
Linguistics > Semantics
Neuroscience > Neurolinguistics
Psychology > Perceptual Cognitive Psychology
Psychology > Psycholinguistics
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