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Qurbanov, Dinar (2015) Sentence syntax trees should be made from morphemes. Semantically ordered trees. [Preprint]

Plant, Dr John S and Plant, Prof Richard E (2014) Getting the most from a surname study: semantics, DNA and computer modelling (third edition).

Situngkir, Hokky (2013) Indonesian Innovations on Information Technology 2013: Between Syntactic and Semantic Textual Network. [Departmental Technical Report]

Situngkir, Hokky and Maulana, Ardian (2013) Dynamics of the Corruption Eradication in Indonesia. [Departmental Technical Report]

Jelec, Anna (2013) Are abstract concepts like dinosaur feathers? Objectification as a conceptual tool: evidence from language and gesture of English and Polish native speakers. [Thesis]

Sandler, Dr. Sergeiy (2012) Review of Scott Soames, What is meaning? (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010). [Journal (Paginated)]

Plant, Dr John S and Plant, Prof Richard E (2012) Getting the most from a surname study: semantics, DNA and computer modelling.

Sandler, Dr. Sergeiy (2012) Language as literature: Characters in everyday spoken discourse. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Franceschi, Dr Paul (2012) The Problem of the Relationships of Love, Hate and Indifference. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Sandler, Dr. Sergeiy (2011) Reenactment: An embodied cognition approach to meaning and linguistic content. [Journal (Paginated)]

Situngkir, Hokky (2011) Spread of hoax in Social Media. [Departmental Technical Report]

Sandler, Dr. Sergeiy (2011) Reenactment: An embodied cognition approach to meaning and linguistic content. [Journal (Paginated)] (In Press)

Jelec, Anna and Jaworska, Dorota (2011) Mind: meet network. Emergence of features in conceptual metaphor. [Conference Paper]

Franceschi, Paul (2010) Analyse paradigmatique d'un corpus de proverbes à l'aide des matrices de concepts. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Franceschi, Paul (2010) Le plan dialectique : pour une alternative au paradigme. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Franceschi, Paul (2010) Le problème des relations amour-haine-indifférence. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Franceschi, Paul (2010) Une Classe de Concepts. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Maulana, Ardian and Situngkir, Hokky (2010) Some Inquiries to Spontaneous Opinions: A case with Twitter in Indonesia. [Departmental Technical Report]

Brillowski, Dr. Claus (2010) From Domains Towards a Logic of Universals: A Small Calculus for the Continuous Determination of Worlds. [Preprint]

Unger, Dr Christoph (2009) Exploring the borderline between procedural encoding and pragmatic inference. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Plant, Dr John S (2009) Surname studies with genetics.

G., Nagarjuna (2009) Collaborative Creation of Teaching-Learning Sequences and an Atlas of Knowledge. [Preprint]

Mukherjee, Mr. Debaprasad (2009) Complexity, BioComplexity, the Connectionist Conjecture and Ontology of Complexity. [Preprint]

Turney, Peter D. (2008) The Latent Relation Mapping Engine: Algorithm and Experiments. [Journal (Paginated)]

Evola, Vito (2008) “Io sono evoluto e quello è un uomo di Neanderthal”: Un’analisi linguistica cognitivista del concetto di evoluzione. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Evola, Vito (2008) How Body and Soul Interact with the Spiritual Mind. [Conference Paper]

Evola, Vito (2008) La metafora come carrefour cognitivo del pensiero e del linguaggio. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Evola, Vito (2008) Multimodal Semiotics of Representing God and the Self: a Cognitive Linguistic View of Metaphors and Gestures in Religious Discourse. [Conference Poster]

Turney, Peter D. (2008) A Uniform Approach to Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Associations. [Conference Paper]

ALARIO, Dr F.-Xavier and MOSCOSO DEL PRADO MARTIN, Dr Fermin (2008) On the origin of the cumulative semantic inhibition effect. [Journal (Paginated)] (Unpublished)

Evola, Vito (2008) Multimodal Semiotics of Spiritual Experiences: Representing Beliefs, Metaphors, and Actions. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Saba, Walid (2007) Ontology and Formal Semantics - Integration Overdue. (Unpublished)

Evola, Vito (2007) Cognitive Linguistics and the Evolution of Body and Soul in the Western World: from Ancient Hebrew to Modern English. [Conference Poster]

Karmakar, Samir (2007) Possibilities and impossibilities of meaning: A study in semantics. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Saba, Walid (2007) A Note on Ontology and Ordinary Language. (Unpublished)

Zakharyaschev, Ivan (2007) Type logic served by co-Merge, Merge and Move: an account for sluicing and questions of `common European' and Japanese types. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Karmakar, Samir (2007) Designing Domain Ontology: A Study in Lexical Semantics. [Preprint]

Saba, Walid (2007) Language, logic and ontology: uncovering the structure of commonsense knowledge. (In Press)

Plant, Dr John S (2007) The Tardy Adoption of the Plantagenet Surname. [Journal (Paginated)]

Evola, Vito (2006) St. Paul's Error: The Semantic Changes of BODY and SOUL in the Western World. [Conference Paper]

Vélez León, Paulo (2006) Aproximaciones a la ¿Obra de Arte? Approaches to ¿ArtWork? [Book Chapter]


Howard, Dr. Newton and Guidère, Dr. Mathieu (2006) The Clash of Perceptions. (Unpublished)

Howard, Dr. Newton and Guidère, Dr. Mathieu (2006) The Clash of Perceptions.

Moscoso del Prado Martin, Dr Fermin and Kostic, Prof Aleksandar and Filipovic-Djurdjevic, Dusica (2006) The Missing Link between Morphemic Assemblies and Behavioral Responses:a Bayesian Information-Theoretical model of lexical processing. (Unpublished)

riley, dr john a. (2006) Reference_ and_Definiteness,Revised. [Preprint]

Moscoso del Prado Martin, Fermin and Aleksandar, Kostic and Dusica, Filipovic-Djurdjevic (2006) The Missing Link between Morphemic Assemblies and Behavioral Responses:a Bayesian Information-Theoretical model of lexical processing. (Unpublished)

Karmakar, Samir (2006) Cognitive Semantics: An Extension of the Cartesian Legacy. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Turney, Peter D. (2006) Expressing Implicit Semantic Relations without Supervision. [Conference Paper]

Evola, Vito (2006) Polisemia e slittamenti semantici nei concetti ANIMA e CORPO nel mondo occidentale, ovvero l'errore di San Paolo. [Conference Paper]

Turney, Peter D. (2006) Similarity of Semantic Relations. [Journal (Paginated)]

Evola, Vito (2005) Cognitive Semiotics and On-Line Reading of Religious Texts. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Kravchenko, Prof. A.V. and Zelberg, Dr. J.B. (2005) Complex sentence as a structure for representing knowledge. [Preprint]

Turney, Peter D. and Littman, Michael L. (2005) Corpus-based Learning of Analogies and Semantic Relations. [Journal (Paginated)]

Unger, Christoph (2005) Lexical pragmatics and types of linguistic encoding: evidence from pre- and postpositions in Behdini-Kurdish. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Turney, Peter D. (2005) Measuring Semantic Similarity by Latent Relational Analysis. [Conference Paper]

Plant, Dr John S (2005) Modern merthods and a controversial surname: Plant. [Journal (Paginated)]

Plant, Dr John S (2005) Modern methods and a controversial surname: Plant. [Journal (Paginated)]

Plant, Dr John S (2005) Modern methods and a controversial surname: Plant. [Journal (Paginated)]

Roberts, Dr Mark D (2005) Name Strategy: Its Existence and Implications. [Journal (Paginated)]

Turney, Peter D. (2004) Human-Level Performance on Word Analogy Questions by Latent Relational Analysis. [Departmental Technical Report] (Unpublished)

D.Roberts, Mark (2004) Does Meaning Evolove? [Journal (Paginated)]


Situngkir, Hokky (2004) How Far Can We Go Through Social System? [Departmental Technical Report] (In Press)

Ball, Dr. Jerry T. (2004) A Bi-Polar Theory of Nominal and Clause Structure and Function. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)] (Unpublished)

Evola, Vito (2004) Blending the Erotic and the Divine in Mystical Literature. [Conference Poster]

Turney, Peter D. and Littman, Michael L. and Bigham, Jeffrey and Shnayder, Victor (2004) Combining Independent Modules in Lexical Multiple-Choice Problems. [Book Chapter]

Karmakar, Samir (2004) Compositionality: The Formation of a Learning Theory. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Denhière, Guy and Lemaire, Benoît (2004) A Computational Model of Children's Semantic Memory. [Conference Paper]

Frey, Miloslaw (2004) Connectionist Taxonomy Learning. (Unpublished)

Gezgin, Dr. Ulas Basar (2004) The Pragmatics Of Cartoons: The Interaction Of Bystander Humorosity Vs. Agent-Patient Humorosity. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Turney, Peter D. (2004) Word Sense Disambiguation by Web Mining for Word Co-occurrence Probabilities. [Conference Paper]


Tsur, Reuven (2003) Aspects of Cognitive Poetics. [Book Chapter]

Turney, Peter and Littman, Michael and Bigham, Jeffrey and Shnayder, Victor (2003) Combining independent modules to solve multiple-choice synonym and analogy problems. [Conference Paper]

Lemaire, Benoit and Bianco, Maryse (2003) Contextual Effects on Metaphor Comprehension: Experiment and Simulation. [Conference Paper]

Turney, Peter and Littman, Michael (2003) Learning Analogies and Semantic Relations. [Departmental Technical Report]

Turney, Peter and Littman, Michael (2003) Measuring praise and criticism: Inference of semantic orientation from association. [Journal (Paginated)]

Unger, Christoph (2003) Metarepresentation, tense, aspect and narratives: the case of Behdini-Kurdish and Estonian. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Kravchenko, Prof. A.V. (2002) A Cognitive Account of Tense and Aspect: Resurrecting "Dead" Metaphors. [Journal (Paginated)]


Farkas, Igor and Li, Ping (2002) Modeling the development of lexicon with a growing self-organizing map. [Conference Paper]

Sharifian, Dr Farzad (2001) Association-Interpretation: A research technique in cultural and cognitive linguistics. [Conference Paper]

Lavigne, Frédéric and Denis, Sylvain (2001) Attentional and Semantic Anticipations. [Journal (Paginated)]

Horsey, Richard (2001) “If Josef kills Leon, is Leon dead?”. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Tsur, Reuven (2001) Onomatopoeia: Cuckoo-Language and Tick-Tocking+◊. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Farkas, Igor and Li, Ping (2001) A self-organizing neural network model of the acquisition of word meaning. [Conference Paper]

Parisse, Christophe and Le Normand, Marie-Thérèse (2000) Beyond the realm of noun and verb: the cognitive lexicon of the young child. (Unpublished)

Stemmer, Brigitte and Corre, Marianne and Joanette, Yves (2000) THE MIND AND BRAIN SCHOLAR AS A HITCH-HIKER IN POST-GUTENBERG GALAXY: PUBLISHING AT 2000 AND BEYOND. [Preprint]

Lavigne, Frédéric and Lavigne, Pascal (2000) Anticipatory Semantic Processes. [Journal (Paginated)]

Sharifian, Farzad (2000) Aspects of schematic processing in Indigenous speakers of Aboriginal English: An initial exploration. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Josephson, Brian D. (2000) Constructional Tools as the Origin of Cognitive Capacities. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Zwaan, Rolf and Kaup, Barbara and Stanfield, Robert and Madden, Carol (2000) Language comprehension as guided experience. (Unpublished)

Gutt, Dr Ernst-August (2000) Textual properties, communicative clues and the translator. [Book Chapter]

Akman, Varol (1999) Book Review--Ronald Cole (editor-in-chief), Joseph Mariani, Hans Uszkoreit, Annie Zaenen, and Victor Zue, eds., Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology. [Journal (Paginated)]

Stenning, Keith and Lemon, Oliver (1999) Aligning logical and psychological perspectives on diagrammatic reasoning. [Journal (Paginated)]

Gutt, Dr Ernst-August (1999) Logical connectives, relationships and relevance. [Book Chapter]

Rosenthal, Victor and Visetti, Yves-Marie (1999) Sens et temps de la Gestalt (Gestalt theory: critical overview and contemporary relevance). [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol and Alpaslan, Ferda N. (1999) Strawson on Intended Meaning and Context. [Conference Paper]

Akman, Varol (1998) Book Review--Jaap van der Does and Jan van Eijk, eds., Quantifiers, Logic, and Language. [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol (1998) Guest Editor's Introduction. [Journal (Paginated)]

D.Roberts, Mark (1998) Radical Interpretation Described using Terms from Biological Evolution. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Kashkin, Vyacheslav B. (1998) Choice Factors in Translation. [Journal (Paginated)]

Hurford, James R and Kirby, Simon (1998) Co-Evolution of Language-Size and the Critical Period. [Book Chapter] (Unpublished)

Say, Bilge and Akman, Varol (1998) Dashes as Typographical Cues for the Information Structure. [Conference Paper]

Muskens, Reinhard and Krahmer, Emiel (1998) Description Theory, LTAGs and Underspecified Semantics. [Conference Paper]

Hurford, James R (1998) The evolution of language and languages. [Book Chapter] (Unpublished)

Hurford, Jim (1998) Functional Innateness: explaining the critical period for language acquisition. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

McNeill, David and Duncan, Susan D. (1998) Growth Points in Thinking-for-Speaking. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Say, Bilge and Akman, Varol (1998) An Information-Based Treatment of Punctuation in Discourse Representation Theory. [Book Chapter]

Hurford, Jim (1998) The interaction between numerals and nouns. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Bogatyrev, Konstantin K. (1998) Reflexive Thoughts about a Medieval Russian Epic. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Langston, William and Kramer, Douglas C and Glenberg, Arthur M (1998) The Representation of Space in Mental Models derived from Text. [Preprint]

Akman, Varol (1997) Book Review -- Jon Barwise and Lawrence Moss, Vicious Circles: On the Mathematics of Non-Wellfounded Phenomena. [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol and Surav, Mehmet (1997) The Use of Situation Theory in Context Modeling. [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol (1997) Book Review -- John Lyons, Linguistic Semantics: An Introduction. [Journal (Paginated)]

Stenning, Keith and Oberlander, Jon (1997) A cognitive theory of graphical and linguistic reasoning: logic and implementation. Cognitive Science. [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol (1997) Context as a Social Construct. [Conference Paper]

Say, Bilge and Akman, Varol (1997) Current Approaches to Punctuation in Computational Linguistics. [Journal (Paginated)]

Jorion, Paul (1997) Jean Pouillon et le mystère de la chambre chinoise. [Journal (Paginated)]

Tin, Erkan and Akman, Varol (1997) Situated Nonmonotonic Temporal Reasoning with BABY-SIT. [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol and Pakkan, Mujdat (1996) Nonstandard Set Theories and Information Management. [Journal (Paginated)]

Sloman, A. (1996) Actual Possibilities. [Conference Paper]

Sloman, Aaron (1996) Beyond Turing Equivalence. [Journal (Paginated)]

Muskens, Reinhard (1996) Combining Montague Semantics and Discourse Representation. [Journal (Paginated)]

Oliphant, Michael (1996) The Dilemma of Saussurean Communication. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1996) Experimental Analysis of Naming Behavior Cannot Explain Naming Capacity. [Journal (Paginated)]

Gutt, Dr Ernst-August (1996) Implicit information in literary translation: A relevance-theoretic perspective. [Journal (Paginated)]

Say, Bilge and Akman, Varol (1996) Information-Based Aspects of Punctuation. [Conference Paper]

Say, Bilge and Akman, Varol (1996) An Information-Based Treatment of Punctuation. [Conference Paper]

Tin, Erkan and Akman, Varol (1996) Information-Oriented Computation with BABY-SIT. [Book Chapter]

Jorion, Paul (1996) La linguistique d'Aristote. [Book Chapter]

Harnad, Stevan (1996) The Origin of Words: A Psychophysical Hypothesis. [Book Chapter]

Akman, Varol and Surav, Mehmet (1996) Steps toward Formalizing Context. [Journal (Paginated)]

Mueller, Horst M. and Kutas, Marta (1996) What's in a name? Electrophysiological differences between spoken nouns, proper nouns and one's own name. [Journal (Paginated)]

Pakkan, Mujdat and Akman, Varol (1995) HYPERSOLVER: A Graphical Tool for Commonsense Set Theory. [Journal (Paginated)]

Akman, Varol (1995) Book Review -- Hans Kamp and Uwe Reyle, From Discourse to Logic: Introduction to Model-theoretic Semantics of Natural Language, Formal Logic and Discourse Representation Theory. [Journal (Paginated)]

Ersan, Murat and Akman, Varol (1995) Situated Modeling of Epistemic Puzzles. [Journal (Paginated)]

Stenning, Keith and Inder, Robert (1995) Applying semantic concepts to the media assigment problem in multi-media communication. [Book Chapter]

Akman, Varol and Surav, Mehmet (1995) Contexts, Oracles, and Relevance. [Conference Paper]

Pakkan, Mujdat and Akman, Varol (1995) Issues in Commonsense Set Theory. [Journal (Paginated)]

Surav, Mehmet and Akman, Varol (1995) Modeling Context with Situations. [Conference Paper]

Sloman, Aaron (1995) Musings on the roles of logical and non-logical representations in intelligence. [Book Chapter]

Tin, Erkan and Akman, Varol (1995) Situations and Computation: An Overview of Recent Research. [Conference Paper]

Muskens, Reinhard (1995) Tense and the Logic of Change. [Book Chapter]

Tin, Erkan and Akman, Varol (1994) Computational Situation Theory. [Journal (Paginated)]

Muskens, Reinhard (1994) Categorial Grammar and Discourse Representation Theory. [Conference Paper]

Allott, Robin (1994) Language and the origin of semiosis. [Book Chapter]

Akman, Varol (1994) Ripping the Text Apart at Different Seams. [Journal (Paginated)]

Sloman, A. (1994) Semantics in an intelligent control system. [Journal (Paginated)]

Tin, Erkan and Akman, Varol (1994) Situated Processing of Pronominal Anaphora. [Conference Paper]

Schirra, Jörg R.J. and Stopp, Eva (1993) ANTLIMA -- A Listener Model with Mental Images. [Conference Paper]

Tin, Erkan and Akman, Varol (1993) BABY-SIT: A Computational Medium Based on Situations. [Conference Paper]

Muskens, Reinhard (1991) Anaphora and the Logic of Change. [Book Chapter]

Muskens, Reinhard (1991) Hyperfine-Grained Meanings in Classical Logic. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) The Symbol Grounding Problem. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1990) The Symbol Grounding Problem. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (1989) Minds, Machines and Searle. [Journal (Paginated)]

Muskens, Reinhard (1989) A Relational Formulation of the Theory of Types. [Journal (Paginated)]

Oliphant, Michael (1988) Rethinking the language bottleneck: Why don't animals learn to communicate? [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Oliphant, Michael (1988) The learning barrier: Moving from innate to learned systems of communication. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Markovitch, J. S. (1983) Effects of context on the processing of lexical ambiguities. [Preprint]

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Markovitch, J. S. (1981) The Evolution of Semantic Memory and Spreading Activation. [Preprint]

Lecours, Andre Roch and Yves, Joanette (1980) Linguisitic and Other Psychological Aspects of Paroxysmal Aphasia. [Journal (Paginated)]

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