Anatomical Variations in the Arteries and Nerves of the Right Carotid Triangle

Quadros, LS and Pandey, AK and D'Souza, AS (2014) Anatomical Variations in the Arteries and Nerves of the Right Carotid Triangle. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Variations of the arteries and nerves are of clinical importance to the clinicians and surgeons in performing the surgeries. During the routine dissection for the undergraduates, variation in the branches of external carotid artery was noted in the right carotid triangle. The superior thyroid artery showed an upward loop from its origin and had a highly tortuous course, the lingual and facial arteries arouse from a common linguo-facial trunk and the ascending pharyngeal artery took origin from the Internal carotid artery. The ansa cervicalis showed absence of inferior root. The second and third cervical spinal nerves joined the superior root separately.

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Keywords:Ansa cervicalis, Ascending pharyngeal artery, Linguo-facial trunk, Superior thyroid artery, Variations
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