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Automated Property Verification for Large Scale B Models

Leuschel, Michael and Falampin, Jérôme and Fabian, Fritz and Daniel, Plagge Automated Property Verification for Large Scale B Models. In: Proceedings FM 2009. Springer-Verlag. (In Press)

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In this paper we describe the successful application of the ProB validation tool on an industrial case study. The case study centres on the San Juan metro system installed by Siemens. The control software was developed and formally proven with B. However, the development contains certain assumptions about the actual rail network topology which have to be validated separately in order to ensure safe operation. For this task, Siemens has developed custom proof rules for AtelierB. AtelierB, however, was unable to deal with about 80 properties of the deployment (running out of memory). These properties thus had to be validated by hand at great expense (and they need to be revalidated whenever the rail network infrastructure changes). In this paper we show how we were able to use ProB to validate all of the about 300 properties of the San Juan deployment, detecting exactly the same faults automatically in around 17 minutes that were manually uncovered in about one man-month. This achievement required the extension of the ProB kernel for large sets as well as an improved constraint propagation phase. We also outline some of the effort and features that were required in moving from a tool capable of dealing with medium-sized examples towards a tool able to deal with actual industrial specifications. Notably, a new parser and type checker had to be developed. We also touch upon the issue of validating ProB, so that it can be integrated into the SIL4 development chain at Siemens.

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