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Tasking Event-B: An Extension to Event-B for Generating Concurrent Code

Edmunds, Andrew and Butler, Michael (2011) Tasking Event-B: An Extension to Event-B for Generating Concurrent Code. In: PLACES 2011.

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The Event-B method is a formal approach for modelling systems in safety-, and business-critical, domains. Initially, system specification takes place at a high level of abstraction; detail is added in refinement steps as the development proceeds toward implementation. Our aim has been to develop a novel approach for generating code, for concurrent programs, from Event-B. We formulated the approach so that it integrates well with the existing Event-B methodology and tools. In this paper we introduce a tasking extension for Event-B, with Tasking and Shared Machines. We make use of refinement, decomposition, and the extension, to structure projects for code generation for multitasking implementations. During the modelling phase decomposition is performed; decomposition reduces modelling complexity and makes proof more tractable. The decomposed models are then extended with sufficient information to enable generation of code. A task body describes a task?s behaviour, mainly using imperative, programming-like constructs. Task priority and life-cycle (periodic, triggered, etc.) are also specified, but timing aspects are not modelled formally. We provide tool support in order to validate the practical aspects of the approach.

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