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Augmenting formal development with use case reasoning

Iliasov, Alexei (2012) Augmenting formal development with use case reasoning. In: Proc. of the 17th International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (Ada-Europe 2012). Stockholm, Sweden. June 11-15, 2012. Springer.



State-based methods for correct-by-construction software development rely on a combination of safety constraints and refinement obligations to demonstrate design correctness. One prominent challenge, especially in an industrial setting, is ensuring that a design is adequate: requirements compliant and fit for purpose. The paper presents a technique for augmenting state-based, refinement-driven formal developments with reasoning about use case scenarios; in particular, it discusses a way for the derivation of formal verification conditions from a high-level, diagrammatic language of use cases, and the methodological role of use cases in a formal modelling process.

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