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Dinca, Ionut and Ipate, Florentin and Mierla, Laurentiu and Stefanescu, Alin (2012) Learn and Test for Event-B - a Rodin Plugin. In: ABZ'12 Conference, June 19-21, 2012, Pisa, Italy.

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Iliasov, Alexei and Laibinis, Linas and Troubitsyna, Elena (2010) An Event-B model of the Attitude and Orbit Control System. [Rodin Archive]

Iliasov, Alexei and Troubitsyna, Elena and Laibinis, Linas and Romanovsky, Alexander and Varpaaniemi, Kimmo and Ilic, Dubravka and Latvala, Timo (2010) Developing Mode-Rich Satellite Software by Refinement in Event B. In: 15th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems (FMICS 2010), September 20-21, 2010, Antwerp, Belgium. (In Press)

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Iliasov, Alexei A Lecture on modularisation method and plugin: Introduction and Parking Lot Case Study. [Teaching Resource] (Unpublished)

Pascal, Carine A-Style Decomposition Examples. [Rodin Archive]

Iliasov, Alexei and Laibinis, Linas and Troubitsyna, Elena and Romanovsky, Alexander and Latvala, Timo Augmenting Event-B Modelling with Real-Time Verification. In: Proc. of Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering: Rigorous and Agile Approaches held in conjunction with ICSE 2012. 2 June 2012, Zurich, Switzerland. ACM.

Snook, Colin and Savicks, Vitaly and Fritz, Fabian and Illisaov, Alexei Frameworks for developing Event-B modelling extensions in EMF. None. (Unpublished)

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