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Warning: this is a copy of the D5.1 document as originally submitted to the EC.

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Content is provided by consortium partners and third party content holders in a variety of different formats. Content is imported and consolidated into a unified database through use of import and mapping tools. The results of this operation is a well structured database storing clean data conforming to a common schema and indexed according to appropriate authority data. The search engine will provide a powerful interface to search, navigate and visualize the aggregated content. Subject experts and authors create content packages by integrating search results into their authoring tools. The resulting content products are made available to distributors and publishers. The content products are also exposed over the web for indexing by Google to ensure promotion of the product and the contributing organizations etc.

This document expands the eCHASE Core (importing, cleaning, mapping and searching components of the architecture) described above. The picture below shows these components in more detail, and is further expanded in detail later in the document.

Overall Architecture

The eCHASE Core (demonstrator) comprises of three main layers or sections:

  • Metadata Importer
  • Media Engine
  • Search Engine and Applications

Unlike metadata, handling media requires descriptor generation and management during various stages in the eCHASE lifecycle: from aggregating and importing content to performing queries. For example, executing a content-based search on an image may require converting the image into a suitable format followed by the generation of media descriptors that are used for performing the search. Another issue is that updated or new content-based algorithms can be added to the system, requiring the regeneration or generation of new media descriptors for the entire collection stored in the system.

These issues are reflected in the design of the eCHASE architecture: while metadata is imported and then stored in a repository, the media engine is a self-contained system involving a range of functionality.

These parts will be discussed later in the document.

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