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Bottom up

Video Keyframe Generator

It would be nice to have a keyframe generator and also the ability to find different kinds of shot boundaries within a video stream. A simple approach would be to look at a global (colour?) histogram feature of each frame, and look for temporal anomalies. A better approach could be to use a salient-region based approach, like some of the techniques discussed at last years CIVR.

Video retrieval/annotation tool

It would be useful to have an implementation of a system like Sivic and Zisserman's Video Google... We would calculate salient regions (DoG) and SIFT descriptors for each frame, then generate frame descriptors by quantising the SIFT features into a term occurrence vector. The video could then be searched by using a vector-space model. This could then be extended to allow semi-automatic annotation. The user could select an object within the video and annotate it, then the system could find other occurrences of the object and annotate automatically...

Semantic Space training using the internet

A semantic space could be trained using general information from the web... either Google searching for keywords, or using whole web-pages, by combining the page text with the image features. This space could then be used to search a different image collection (more images from the web? personal photo collection?). It would be interesting to see how many training images are needed to reach a certain level of retrieval.

Top down

Web-based (?) SKOS visualisation and editing tools

It would be nice to have a SKOS thesaurus construction/editing tool. It could also be used for tweaking/fixing automatically built thesauri from some of the approaches we are investigating. Perhaps the interface should also link into the images, e.g. display the images for a given concept to ensure the thesaurus is correct, or even for nice visualisations.

There is a nice RDF framework being developed at DERI, which can be integrated with Ruby on Rails (a really nice to use webapp framework), so this might be a good starting point: