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There are three main things we want to do with video in eCHASE: convert whatever input format we receive into something useable, generate keyframes, and stream.

I've tried where possible to use tools that are available for multiple platforms, such as the formidible trio of mplayer, mencoder (both available from, or Google for a Win32 build) and ffmpeg. Unfortunately these are a little flaky when it comes to certain formats, such as WMV, and so I was forced also to use AviSynth 2.5 as well which is Win32-only (although it is being re-written for v3 to work on unix-like platforms too).

The conversion to MP4 is done using tools from mpeg4ip.

Anyway, enough babble, on with the scripts!

The scripts are all provided as Windows batch files (.bat), but there's nothing in them that shouldn't be very easy to do in sh or bash or applescript (in fact Windows batch is probably the most restrictive of the platforms). If you do create or convert a script, post it here so others can make use of it.

Some video-related links you might find useful