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Design Issues for Agent-based Resource Locator Systems

Wills, Dr Gary and Alani, Dr Harith and Ashri, Mr Ronald and Kalfoglou, Dr Yannis and Kim, Dr Sanghee (2002) Design Issues for Agent-based Resource Locator Systems. In Proceedings 4th International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management (PAKM'02), Vienna, Austria.

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While knowledge is viewed by many as an asset, it is often difficult to locate particular items within a large electronic corpus. This paper presents an agent based framework for the location of resources to resolve a specific query, and considers the associated design issue. Aspects of the work presented complements current research into both expertise finders and recommender systems. The essential issues for the proposed design are scalability, together with the ability to learn and adapt to changing resources. As knowledge is often implicit within electronic resources, and therefore difficult to locate, we have proposed the use of ontologies, to extract the semantics and infer meaning to obtain the results required. We explore the use of communities of practice, applying ontology-based networks, and e-mail message exchanges to aid the resource discovery process.

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Deposited By:Kalfoglou, Dr Yannis
Deposited On:27 February 2003

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