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CoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid

Buckingham Shum, S and DeRoure, D and Eisenstadt, M and Shadbolt, N and Tate, A (2002) CoAKTinG: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid. In Proceedings Proc. Second Workshop on Advanced Collaborative Environments, Eleventh IEEE Int. Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-11), Edinburgh.

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Grid infrastructures coupled with semantic web linkage and reasoning open up intriguing new possibilities for scientific collaboration. In this short paper, we outline the research agenda and collaboration technologies under development within the CoAKTinG project: Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid. CoAKTinG will provide tools to assist scientific collaboration by integrating intelligent meeting spaces, ontologically annotated media streams from online meetings, decision rationale and group memory capture, meeting facilitation, issue handling, planning and coordination support, constraint satisfaction, and instant messaging/presence. Their integration is illustrated through an extended use scenario.

Keywords:Collaboration, Access Grid, CoAKTinG, Meeting Capture, e-Science
AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
ID Code:156
Deposited By:Buckingham Shum, Dr Simon
Deposited On:01 March 2003
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