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Language engineering tools for collaborative corpus annotation

Cunningham, Dr Hamish and Tablan, Mr Valentin and Bontcheva, Dr Kalina and Dimitrov, Mr Marin (2003) Language engineering tools for collaborative corpus annotation. In Proceedings Proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2003, Lancaster, UK.

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A vital step towards the creation of distributed corpora is the provision of tools for collaborative corpus annotation, in order to enable researchers to collaborate on annotating corpora regardless of their physical location. This problem can be decomposed in two major tasks: (i) provide users with access to distributed corpora; and (ii) provide visualisation and editing tools that require no installation effort and are easy to use. In this paper we will present the new collaborative corpus annotation facilities, recently developed as part of the GATE language engineering tools and infrastructure. These facilities have been used to build OLLIE - a client-server application that allows users to use the collaborative corpus annotation facilities in their own Web browse

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
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Deposited By:Bontcheva, Dr Kalina
Deposited On:10 July 2003

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