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Semantic Web Enabled, Open Source Language Technology

Bontcheva, Dr Kalina and Kiryakov, Mr Atanas and Cunningham, Dr Hamish and Popov, Mr Borislav and Dimitrov, Mr Marin (2003) Semantic Web Enabled, Open Source Language Technology. In Proceedings Language Technology and the Semantic Web, Workshop on NLP and XML (NLPXML-2003), Budapest, Hungary.

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This paper motivates the need for Semantic Web enabled language technology tools and introduces a set of freely available, customisable components which integrate data about language with Semantic Web data in the form of ontologies. We also argue for a closer integration between Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Semantic Web tools and infrastructures and present an integrated platform for knowledge and information management, that uses RDF to encode and store language data and resources.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
ID Code:250
Deposited By:Bontcheva, Dr Kalina
Deposited On:10 July 2003

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