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Evolving GATE to Meet New Challenges in Language Engineering

Bontcheva, Dr Kalina and Tablan, Mr Valentin and Maynard, Dr Diana and Cunningham, Dr Hamish (2004) Evolving GATE to Meet New Challenges in Language Engineering. Natural Language Engineering.

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In this paper we present recent work on GATE, a widely-used framework and graphical development environment for creating and deploying Language Engineering components and resources in a robust fashion. The GATE architecture has facilitated the development of a number of successful applications for various language processing tasks (such as Information Extraction, dialogue and summarisation), the building and annotation of corpora and the quantitative evaluations of LE applications. The focus of this paper is on recent developments in response to new challenges in Language Engineering: Semantic Web, integration with Information Retrieval and data mining, and the need for machine learning support.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
AKT Challenges > Knowledge publishing
ID Code:304
Deposited By:Bontcheva, Dr Kalina
Deposited On:04 June 2004

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