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ONTOCOPI: Methods and Tools for Identifying Communities of Practice

Alani, Dr Harith and O'Hara, Dr Kieron and Shadbolt, Prof Nigel (2002) ONTOCOPI: Methods and Tools for Identifying Communities of Practice . In Proceedings Intelligent Information Processing 2002, Montreal - Canada.

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The paper describes ONTOCOPI, a tool for identifying communities of practice (COPs) by analysing ontologies of the relevant working domain. COP identification is currently a resource-heavy process largely based on interviews. ONTOCOPI attempts to uncover informal COP relations by spotting patterns in the formal relations represented in ontologies, traversing the ontology from instance to instance via selected relations. Experiments to determine particular COPs from an academic ontology are described, showing how the alteration of threshold settings, temporal settings, and the weights applied to the ontology’s relations affect the composition of the identified COP.

Keywords:communities of practice, ontologies, network analysis
Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge retrieval
AKT Challenges > Knowledge modelling
ID Code:37
Deposited By:Alani, Harith
Deposited On:15 February 2002

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