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ConEditor: Tool to Input and Maintain Constraints

Ajit, Suraj and Sleeman, Derek and Fowler, David W. and Knott, David (2004) ConEditor: Tool to Input and Maintain Constraints. In Proceedings 14th International Conference on Engineering Knowledge in the Age of the Semantic Web, EKAW 2004, October 5-8, pages pp. 466-468, Whittlebury Hall, Northampton, UK.

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We present a tool which helps domain experts capture and maintain constraints. The tool displays parts of an ontology (as classes, sub-classes and properties) in the form of a tree. A number of keywords and operators from a constraint language are also listed. The tool helps a user to create a constraint expression. Additionally, the tool has a facility which allows the user to input tabular data. The expressed constraints can be converted into a standard format, making them portable. It is planned to integrate this tool, ConEditor, with Designers’ Workbench, a system that supports human designers.

Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
AKT Challenges > Knowledge maintenance
ID Code:386
Deposited By:Ajit, Suraj
Deposited On:03 March 2005

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