Is the Brain the Way?

From: Naden, Christopher (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 13:15:09 GMT

As a prelminary to the discussion evoked by the question 'Is studying
the Brain the way to study the mind... I think the question must first
be asked, is it possible to state that any methodology is THE way to
study the mind?

While you might argue that this could be made irrelevant merely by
re-wording the question as 'A way to study...', I would suggest that
the question so evoked is in fact a valuable one: can there be a single
right or wrong way to study teh mind?

I would be inclined to answer no. Many methods of studying the mind
have validity, even (a step into controversy) introspection. I would
argue that introspection has value in that through introspective study
of one's own mind one might concieve hypohteses about the workings of
the mind which while they could not be substantiated through
introspection, might lead one to test them through other methods of
study and might lead to a discovery which would not have been made
without a chain of action starting with introspective study.

If you think this is irrelevant, ignore it: but I would welcome a good

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