Re: What Is a Machine?

From: Lee, Liz (
Date: Tue Feb 27 1996 - 09:06:16 GMT

jd> can machines be described by saying that A Machine Is Any Known Object
jd> That Has A Specific Use And/Or Objective?

Isn't this splitting the mind and body again? There are many "uses" the
human machine can be put to, this doesn't really tell us what the mind
does or is for does it? If, to use Stevan's example , you think of a
slave working for his master, this is just one machine directing the
physical labour of another, it doesn't make the real question any
clearer. There is no" specific use or objective" for the human machine,
after all, not everyone reproduces so that can't be it. Beats me what a
machine is! Liz

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