What Is a Machine?

From: Dawson Jon (jpd93ch@soton.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Feb 26 1996 - 14:51:56 GMT

Continuing with what is a machine, we have to explain our own view ond
depending on how we structure our machine/not-machine ideas we can come
to different cnclusions as to what fits our description. after all if
we write a list of items, such as humans, programed computers,
typewriters, spears, which of these items are machines, where do we
draw the line. this boundary questionable yet we have been trying to
place it.

can machines be described by saying that A Machine Is Any Known Object
That Has A Specific Use And/Or Objective?

after all we write programs to reach the objective of modeling our
behavior, and beleive that we obtain this. we also beleive that we know
our objectives (degree, job,house etc), but if we say 'god' made us
(and all other 'non-machines') to do a specific task and then ask what
that task is can we answer it? what is the meaning of life?

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