How to get HOW from WHEN and WHERE

From: Herheim Aaste (
Date: Thu May 02 1996 - 18:32:29 BST

"How can you find out HOW from WHEN and WHERE?"

Can you?

Even if I know that a certain area in the brain is active when I
experience a certain feeling or try to solve a certain task,- this
tells me absolutely nothing about HOW THAT BRAIN ACTIVITY TURNED INTO

Is it possible to answer the question comparing the mind with a
computer (like we've done) ,- then how?
Would this mean that we hypothesise that feelings are just cognition,-
I still can't get around the question how increased activity in the
prefrontal cortex (along with other typical indicators of depression)
translates into a certain mental state,- namely a feeling of sadness,
decreased interest in the external environment etc. Is it the specific
"decoding" of brain events to mental events we are looking for?

Aaste Herheim

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