A4: T/F Quiz Answers

From: HARNAD Stevan (harnad@cogsci.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Sun May 26 1996 - 17:19:10 BST

1. Behaviourists studied the mind. FALSE

2. The mind is publicly observable. FALSE

3. Behaviourism was reverse engineering. FALSE

4. Monists think the mental and the physical are the same kind of thing. TRUE

5. There is no way to be sure anyone else but you has a mind. TRUE

6. There can be feelings without thoughts. TRUE [controversial]

7. There can be thoughts without feelings. FALSE [but dropped]

8. Parameter setting can be learned by Skinnerian learning, but not UG. TRUE
[dropped if you misinterpreted the grammar of the question!]

9. PET scans give more accurate timing than Event-Related Potentials. FALSE

10. The subtractive method was developed before brain imaging. TRUE

11. Imagery requires a homunculus. FALSE

12. Mental images are publicly observable. FALSE

13. Brain images are publicly observable. TRUE

14. MRI is better for determining "where" than "when." TRUE

15. The shape of an image is arbitrary. FALSE

16. A symbol resembles what it symbolises. FALSE

17. The proximal reason we eat food is because it tastes good. TRUE

18. The distal reason we eat food is because it promotes survival. TRUE

19. A question is a proposition. FALSE

20. The Chinese Room Argument is not a Granny Objection. TRUE

21. Analog processing is symbol manipulation. FALSE

22. A Turing Machine does analog processing. FALSE

23. Neural nets can do XOR. TRUE

24. Backpropagation is unsupervised learning. FALSE

25. Most learning problems in life are supervised. TRUE [controversial]

27. Searle agrees with Granny. TRUE [but dropped]

28. We do not know how we decide whether or not something is a game. TRUE

29. The category "bird" is better explained by prototype theory than the
category "big" is. FALSE

30. All category membership is a matter of degree. FALSE
31. Syntactic rules are not based on meaning. TRUE

32. UG is learnt by honest toil. FALSE

33. Behavour geneticists measure inclusive fitness. FALSE

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