Re: Theory of Mind

From: Beeching, Tabitha (
Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 16:21:16 GMT

> >I believe that it was Margaret Donaldson who said that
> there are even some "normal" adults who occasionaly have
> egocentric thoughts. Myself included! So we could say that
> it is not confined to autistic people, nor children, but
> present in other members of the population as well. Sandra.

This point could in fact be applied to the theory, explained
in health psychology, that mental illnesses (autism being
one of them) are on a continuum. 'Normal behaviour' being
at one end of the scale and autism at the other end, and
each individual being at different points along that scale.

So where do you fit along that scale Sandra?!!

Perhaps my point is moving away from the cogsci course, or
is it? Tabitha

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