Re: Theory of Mind

From: Beeching, Tabitha (
Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 16:51:38 GMT

> From: Sharon Holmes <>
> > SO this means that adults are just selfish, whereas,
> > children and autistics are really egocentric? Sandra
> >
> Yes, - would you agree that 'selfish' adults are 'aware' of their
> actions - by this, I mean they can see the other person's view point,
> but choose to ignore it in favour of their own desires? For example,
> some criminals may choose to ignore their victim's suffering. Young
> children and autistics do not have this awareness.

Hang on a minute! I think that's a bit harsh suggesting adults that
show egocentric behaviour are really just selfish. I don't believe it
is that simple. Do you really believe that criminals are aware of their
victim's suffering but choose to ignore it? What about suppressed
feelings therefore being unable to understand others feelings. If you
ignore this possibility then you are rejecting a lot of other theories
in psychology. Tabitha

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