Re: Chapter 4: Vision

From: Cherry, Sandra (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 11:55:51 GMT

Having read the Devil's Advocate Box 4:3, The shape of biological
objects (p116), the first half, explaining that we are unable to encode
all viewpoints of objects - in this case, leaves, twigs, and branches
is understandable.

However, the next part - describing computer graphics as, ABBAA and
then replacing A's with B(B)A(B) and so on, what they term L-Grammer is
not so understandable!

Is it saying that this is a computer program in which recognizing trees
is easy - it does not sound easy to me, but then I am not a computer!
And what is, "a global impression built up from the repetition of
microstructure?" What happened to Kid Sib? Can anyone heip me? Please
no more technical jargon - my head is already spinning. Sandra

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