Re: Chapter 4: Vision

From: Harnad, Stevan (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 21:55:21 GMT

> From: Cherry, Sandra <>
> Having read the Devil's Advocate Box 4:3, The shape of biological
> objects (p116), the first half, explaining that we are unable to encode
> all viewpoints of objects - in this case, leaves, twigs, and branches
> is understandable.
> However, the next part - describing computer graphics as, ABBAA and
> then replacing A's with B(B)A(B) and so on, what they term L-Grammer is
> not so understandable!

My lecture notes for Chapter 4 indicate what's important. That
Devil's Advocate Box is not Kid-sib-Friendly. Forget about it.

(And if anything else is not K-S-Friendly, ask, and I'll
either give you a kid-sib explanation or tell you to forget

Coming to hear Biederman talk about geons last week, and
Bachman about high and low spatial frequency vision
this week would have helped you understand Chapter 4.

> Is it saying that this is a computer program in which recognizing trees
> is easy - it does not sound easy to me, but then I am not a computer!
> And what is, "a global impression built up from the repetition of
> microstructure?" What happened to Kid Sib? Can anyone help me? Please
> no more technical jargon - my head is already spinning. Sandra

No, you're right; the author is over the top in that box!

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