The Frame Problem

From: Head, Phineas (
Date: Mon Mar 03 1997 - 23:24:21 GMT

Dear All,
         I understand that we don't suffer from
the so called 'Frame Problem' since we function as a
"hybrid' system, processing both images AND symbols
and applying whichever respective system is the more
appropriate and proficient at solving the problem in hand.
However, in the tutorial a situation was suggested in which
I thought perhaps we WOULD suffer from something not
unlike it ~ please tell me if I have grabbed the wrong
end of the stick and proceeded to beat myself over the
head with it......
      I was educated in mathematics to A/S level, (=half an
A-Level, 3 out of 6 modules) which one could consider to
be one's 'programming'. If I had done all my homeworks on
time and had at least some degree of aptitude for the
subject, let's assume I could do any exam up to that level
and get full marks, (ho ho) which would then be the 'task'.
If I then sat a 3rd year honors mathematics exam here
and failed dismally with half a percent for spelling
my name correctly, have I not fallen victim to my
program's Frame Limitation, i.e. there were
(mathematical) instances which it did not not account
for? Actualy, this true for most new academic situations
isn't it?
.....OR is it that the 3rd year exam was not the task for
which the program was written and was therefore not within
its remit? Further I understand that at the degree level
there would be many symbols with which I would be
unfamiliar ~ how does this impact on the situation?

                 Very best wishes,

P.S. I thought I sent this on Sunday but I don't think it
     got through so if you have it already, sorry chaps!


Phineas Anthony de Thornley Head

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