Re: The Frame Problem

From: Linketscher, Nadja (
Date: Thu Mar 06 1997 - 17:00:22 GMT

On Thu, 6 Mar 1997 14:38:54 GMT Minnett-Westwood, Della wrote:

> From: Minnett-Westwood, Della <>
> In essence, the Frame problem limits the symbolic computer.
> The organisation of my "mind" and the connections within it
> enable me to deduce, to infer, and to associate.
> When I am faced with an unknown situation, (...)
> something akin to a survival
> mechanism kicks in, and I scan all available past experience
> and knowledge for a solution.

I agree with you that those capabilities make us superior to
any symbol system.

> We have overcome the Frame problem, and I am sure that given
> the right pre-programming, symbolic computers could do the > same.

What do you mean by pre-programming? The additional equipment of symbol
systems with analog processes and neural nets (in other words a hybrid
model)? But how do you want to do that, if a considerable part of those
skills (deduction, inference and association as you said earlier on)
are implicit rather than explicit knowledge?

I guess first of all we need to make this knowledge explicit
(example: Biederman and his geon analysis explaining
chicken-sexing), before we can 'teach' the computer how to
do it.

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