Re: The Frame Problem

From: Georghiu, Christos (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 14:04:20 GMT

Phin, maths is a man made phenomenon, hence if you are
taught only part of the whole, this will be the part you
will be able to deal with. It's like making up a game, not
telling you all the rules and expecting you to be able to
play it. Having some grasp of maths however it would
probably be possible for you to grasp the problems and
work out the meaning of the symbols given enough time and
practice. So in a way I believe it is similar to the frame
problem but does not indicate that we are cognitively bound
by a "frame", just that we do not possess knowledge of all
man made rule systems. Another example not being able to
automatically understand all languages, you still have the
ability to learn, so expand your "frame".

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