Re: The Frame Problem

From: Head, Phineas (
Date: Wed Mar 05 1997 - 17:18:33 GMT

Dear Chris,
           Thank you for you thoughts on my Email regarding
the Frame Problem; most interesting.
           The one thing I have a slight difficulty with is
that in Prof. Harnad's example of the telephone ringing, the
"phone itself is a man made object, its function and normal
opperating procedure, a human concept. Not having taught the
computer that putting down the reciever is part of the
"rules' of the telephone answering 'game' is the same thing
isn't? Or isn't it? I agree that we might be able to do some
of the 3rd year mathematics paper by logic, chance and
guesswork, but because we were in ignorence of the symbols
and their rules, we wouldn't know if we got the right
answer, even if we HAD! I think it boils down to another
Chinese Room, essentialy.
           Finaly, do you think that artificial neural nets
can "expand their frame"? I think they probably could. (can?)

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