Infinite Memory: Question 17

From: Gray, James (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 14:55:42 BST

In regards to the quiz in the last lecture, I don't think
question 17 is fair:

We do not remember everything because:
A. our memories are not good enough.
B. there are some things we just wan't to forget.
C. our heads are not big enough.
D. it would be too confusing.
E. none of the above.

I personally think that C & D are the answers as if we could
remember everything we'd have to sift through loads of rubbish to find
the information we wanted, this would slow processing time down
dramatically until really old people would just seize (not that they
don't now) from excess knowledge.

If we tried to remember everything our brains would need huge amounts
of storage space and our heads wouldn't be big enough! Go fig.

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