Re: Infinite Memory: Question 17

From: Anonymous (
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 15:10:21 BST

In regards to our not having enough "storage space", I once read that,
supposing it were possible to consciously remember everything, we could
learn a million things every day for the next million years and still
not fill our memory up. In my opinion, the storage space you find on
computers pales in comparison next to awesome memory capacity we have.

I believe there are also some theories suggesting that we do
sub-consciously remember everything and that there is some sort of
filter mechanism that prevents us accessing it all. I think that this
may be the basis on which techniques such as hypnotic regression work,
i.e. by-passing this filter. Though of course these techniques are also
capable of implanting false memories but that is a different kettle of

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