Funes the Memorious

From: Parker, Chris (
Date: Thu Nov 23 1995 - 08:33:17 GMT

Funes notes from Chris

The first time I scanned this looking for revelations in a logical
way, I got very little out of it, and thought most of it was
irrelevant. The second time I tried to read it as a novel and
found it absorbing. For example I originally thought of Funes as
a leathery old man and not a young lad, because I hadn't read it
properly. I found myself recalling, however inappropriately, Quasimodo,
the hillbilly guitar player in "Deliverance" and Astinas of Palanthus
in the Great Library recording the "detailed" history of the world
as it occurred everywhere (in the DragonLance Legends).

What I would like to have known was how were his skills before the
accident related to those afterwards, and was any change in the
vivid detailed memory really retrospective, as far as his early
childhood memories (and even dream!!!) were concerned, I
guess it was, which says something (like Penfield) about what
actually is stored and the separateness of the access process
(or is it the separateness of added structure?). As the author says:
"it is odd and even incredible that no one ever performed an
experiment with Funes". The association with sensations is
also there once again.

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