Re: Funes the Memorious

From: Baden, Denise (
Date: Fri Nov 24 1995 - 16:49:17 GMT

I enjoyed reading Funes the Memorious. I was particularly interested
to note that he also had some degree of synthasthesia. It is a shame
that more detail about that was not included.

When we discussed Funes in the seminar, it seemd to me that he must
have a very sad, deprived and inhuman sort of life. However, this
didn't come across especially in the story. It seemed instead that
Funes had attained a complete awareness of the present, in a rich and
varied detail that would be the envy of any zen buddhist.

I can only echo the authors sorrow that no detailed examination or
experiments had been done on Funes. It would be very interesting to
be able to compare brain scans before and after the accident.

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