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From: HARNAD, Stevan (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 12:46:03 BST

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Shaw, Leo wrote:

> Stevan, I realise this is a bit late in the day, but could you remind me
> (us) of precisely how the T-scale is defined: am I right in thinking (1)
> is toy, (2) is implementation independant, (3) has integrated
> sensorimotor parts, (4) is internally indistinguishable from a human,
> and (5) is some kind of biological replica?

Hi Leo,

You are right in all the essentials here, but kid-sib would never be
able to figure out what you meant. So, on the exam, remember you're
explaining this to kid-sib, not to me. (For me, you have confirmed that
you know the levels of the T-hierarchy.)

> Also, how are the tests defined - you mention in the Skywriting that T2
> is offline, but T3 necessitates interaction, what other requirements are
> there?

t1 is just an arbitrary, SUBTOTAL fragment of our Total capability:
chess-playing, walking, recognizing faces.

T2 is TOTAL, Turing-indistinguishable pen-pal capability (EVERYTHING and
ANYTHING a pen-pal could do via email, symbols, and symbol-manipulation,
including: playing or learning chess, WRITING about walking, and
writing about faces).

T3 is TOTAL Turing-indistinguishable sensorimotor (robotic) capability -- that
means everything that you and I can do, in the real world of objects and
people, INCLUDING t1, T2, and everything else we can do.

T4 is T3, plus Turing-indistinguishable in inside structures and
functions, not just outside ones (doesn't just look, walk, quack like a
duck from the outside, but also if you open it up and look at what
happens on the inside when you peek/poke/simulate/ablate/record its
brain activity). But T4 can be all synthetic function.

T5 is us, and clones of us, made out of the real stuff.


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