Re: What Makes Psychology Different?

Date: Wed Oct 18 1995 - 13:43:10 BST

> There have been experiments to see how the mind might fit into this
> world of matter: These experiments have been done by
> parapsychologists, to show that sometimes you can move things just by
> willing it. I described a big upright pinball machine, like a Japanese
> Pachinko machine, that spits balls up in the air and then they come down
> various paths, usually the middle, sometimes a little to the left,
> sometimes a little to the right, to make, on the average, a bell-curve
> shape). Human subjects were asked to try to make the machine "skew" the
> bell curve leftward or rightward (i.e., make more of the balls go to the
> left or the right) using only their minds (not their hands -- the
> machine worked automatically; they just sat there concentrating on
> influencing the direction balls went).

         Where did this experiment take place, and who conducted it?

(The first seminar was extremly useful, I don't know about everyone
else, but it has made me realise that I must be procise in what I
say, and that I must have proof, or should I say overwhelming
evidence, to support my claims).

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