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Amateur Fiction Online - The Web of Community Trust

What is the Project?

The projects interests and goals are whether:

  1. a reader's standing in the community and their trustworthiness in the context of abiding by the communities standards can be calculated by the number of potential paths existent in the web of trust between the reader and the author/archivist therefore
  2. the community that exists around fan fiction can be used as a way of negotiating access to stories where either the reader has preferences (either personal or imposed) about the types of stories they do or do not wish to view or the writer wishes to restrict the availability of their work.
  3. That this concept can be implemented as part of a series of semantic web applications which will allow authors and archivists to restrict their work if they wish to while providing readers with a easier way to find the types of stories they wish to read.

The ultimate goals of the project is to provide recommendations relating to the usability of the above system and what services would be most desired for example recommendation systems, rating systems etc.