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A new electronic journal supported by the British Computer Society and Oxford University Press. It is hosted at the University of Southampton Multimedia Group and will be mirrored at the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries, Texas A & M University.

The last few years have seen a convergence of several strands of research represented by such fields as hypermedia and digital libraries - that's why the two ACM conferences were run back-to-back in 1996. However, the opportunities for disseminating this research have not kept pace. In particular, we felt that such a rapidly developing field deserved a dissemination outlet which could cope with the rate of change - an electronic journal.

The Journal of Digital Information, JoDI, is an electronic journal (with no paper equivalent form) intended to serve the community of workers in this field. The journal aims to be the primary electronic source for high quality articles and consequently refereeing is rigorous. There is also scope for the online discussion of articles, a process as vital to the community as the formal publication process itself.

The journal invites submissions on a wide variety of topics, for example:

...and related topics. Furthermore, submission of electronic documents which could not exist in paper form (e.g., containing sound, animation, hypermedia links) is encouraged. Articles can be submitted in any electronic format. However, since the journal will be made available over the World Wide Web, articles already in this format will require less modification prior to publication.

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