Documents and Outputs

Project plan and Documentation
Project plan (Oct 2007) pdf
Project workpackages (Oct 2007) pdf
First progress report (Oct 2007) pdf
Second progress report (Apr 2008) pdf
Third progress report (Oct 2008) pdf
Final report (Mar 2009) pdf

Report of first Steering Group meeting (March 2008) pdf

Advocacy and Dissemination
Briefing document for academic audience (Oct 2007) pdf
Briefing document for library audience (Oct 2007) pdf
Write-up from Advocacy Workshop, Southampton (Nov 2007) pdf

Poster from Open Repositories 08 Conference, Southampton (1-4 April 2008) pdf
Conference handout (OR08) word doc

Workshop slides from Arlis 2008 Conference, Liverpool (Jul 08) ppt
Presentation from Edinburgh Repositories Fringe (31 Jul-1 Aug 08) ppt
Flyer promoting Kultur at UCA Research Conference, RIBA (Sep 2008) pdf

Poster from DCC 4th International Curation Conference, Edinburgh (Dec 2008)pdf

Environmental Assessment
Projects and Literature Review (2008) pdf
University of the Arts London Institutional Profile (2008) pdf
University College for Creative Arts Institutional Profile (2008) pdf

User Analysis
Survey sent to researchers (Feb 2008) pdf
User Survey Report (Aug 2008) pdf
User Interviews Report (Nov 2008) pdf

Metadata Development
Metadata Report (Mar 2009) pdf

Technical Development
Technical Report (Mar 2009) pdf

IPR Work Package
Fair Dealing in an Institutional Repository (Dec 2008) pdf
Diligence and Proposed Intellectual Property Guidelines (Dec 2008) pdf
IP Guidance for Depositors:
Copyright factsheet (Jan 2009) (Soton-branded version) pdf
IP Decision-making flowchart (Jan 2009) pdf
Scenarios (Jan 2009): A, B, C, D, E