NIRGAM is a prototype tool intended for academic research. We take no responsibility of how it is being used. Users of NIRGAM are responsible for verifying for themselves that their simulations are not invalidated by bugs. The availability of open source code of simulator is expected to encourage other researchers to adapt the simulator to fit their needs. We would be pleased to know of any extensions you make to the simulator.

NIRGAM comes with an extensive and step-by-step manual available for download that will help you to build and run the simulator. Online code documentation is also available for reference. We have very limited support. Hence dealing with specific enquiries may not be possible. We will do our best.
For any technical queries and bugs, write to Lavina Jain at

If you would like additional features in NIRGAM, please email us. It would be great if you could give us some motivation for having the features suggested.
For feedback and suggestions, write to NIRGAM admin at