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Rooms and other spaces can be tagged according to their available configurations (i.e. layouts) and features available to their occupants. Configurations for a meeting room might be 'theatre' or 'boardroom', whereas a field might have 'football pitch' or 'festival'. Features might include 'projector', 'induction loop', or 'parking space'.

Features may be attached directly to rooms and spaces to imply that they are ordinarily available for all configurations, or to an individual configuration. For example, a 'theatre' configuration may have the feature 'tiered seating', whereas a 'banquet' configuration might not (as the tiered seating is removable).


Configurations are related to rooms by three properties: oo:hasSpaceConfiguration, oo:primarySpaceConfiguration, and oo:currentSpaceConfiguration.

Each configuration is an instance of some subclass of oosc:SpaceConfiguration. It should also be annotated with a capacity.

We define the namespace with preferred prefix oosc: to contain a taxonomy of space configurations.

For example:

<syntaxhighlight lang="xml">

 <rooms:Room rdf:about="">
   <rdfs:label>Meeting Room A</rdfs:label>
     <oosc:Boardroom rdf:about="">
       <oo:capacity rdf:datatype="&xsd;int">14</oo:capacity>
     <oosc:UShape rdf:about="">
       <oo:capacity rdf:datatype="&xsd;int">10</oo:capacity>
   <oosc:primarySpaceConfiguration rdf:resource=""/>
   <oosc:currentSpaceConfiguration rdf:resource=""/>


Defined configurations

In the spirit of encouraging reuse, it is advisable to use the following URIs for common space configurations. If you have an idea for one not listed here, please add it and mark it 'proposed'.

Category URI Description Additional properties Status
Meeting spaces oosc:Boardroom One table with chairs on all sides stable
oosc:UShape One table with chairs on three sides (usually for presentations) stable
Dining and large discussion/presentation spaces oosc:Banquet Many tables, each surrounded by chairs oosc:tableCount, oosc:chairsPerTable unstable
oosc:Cabaret Many tables, each with chairs on three sides oosc:tableCount, oosc:chairsPerTable unstable
oosc:Reception No tables or chairs. Think 'drinks reception'. stable
Teaching oosc:Theatre Chairs arranged in rows oriented in the same direction (like a lecture theatre) stable
oosc:Classroom Chairs arranged in rows behind desks stable
oosc:ComputerLaboratory Teaching space for computer-based practicals proposed
Accommodation oosc:StudyBedroom Standard student accommodation (generally contains a bed and desk) proposed
oosc:Bedroom Accommodation which isn't a StudyBedroom proposed
oosc:CommonRoom Social area, generally including seating proposed
Infrastructure and miscellaneous oosc:Kitchen A space for cooking and/or preparing drinks proposed
oosc:Bathroom Containing some subset of toilets, showers, sinks and baths. proposed



Note: This example is a draft, and will probably change drastically.

<syntaxhighlight lang="xml"> <rooms:Room rdf:about="">

     <oo:forUseBy rdf:resource=""/>
         <oo:quantity rdf:datatype="&xsd;int">4</oo:quantity>

</rooms:Room> </syntaxhighlight>