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Currently there is no vocabulary for describing job vacancies so this is a rough draft of one.

This is currently in use on

Note: We may wish to deprecate this and move to something like that described at [1].


PREFIX vacancy: <>

Useful External Predicates

  • rdfs:label - the vacancy title, eg "Web Developer"
  • dcterms:description - the description of the job as listed on the web page, eg "We are looking for a PHP developer who..."
  • dcterms:created - the date that the entry in the graph was created?
  • dcterms:modifiedDate
  • oo:contact - the person to contact if interested about the job, including telephone/email etc

Proposed Predicates


  • vacancy:employer - eg "University of Oxford"
  • vacancy:organizationPart - which department within the employer has the vacancy, eg "Computing Services"
  • vacancy:furtherParticulars
  • vacancy:availableOnline - boolean flag saying whether the job listing is online/if it is still available online
  • vacancy:open - boolean flag saying whether you can still apply for the job (necessary in case of a missing "applicationClosingDate" predicate)

Relevant Dates

Hopefully these are self-explanatory.

  • vacancy:applicationOpeningDate
  • vacancy:applicationClosingDate
  • vacancy:applicationInterviewNotificationByDate
  • vacancy:postEarliestStartDate
  • vacancy:postLatestStartDate
  • vacancy:postDuration

Future Ideas

  • Type of employment:
    • full time
    • part time
    • temp
    • intern
    • maternity/paternity cover
  • fixed contract?
  • salary, hourly pay
  • benefit (eg. health cover, holidays etc.)
  • bonuses
  • interview period
  • foaf:based_near?