ICEC 2011 Workshop on
Robustness and Reliability of
Electronic Marketplaces
Wednesday 3
August 2011, Liverpool, UK
"The 13th International Conference on Electronic Commerce
2-5th August 2011, Liverpool, UK


Invited Speaker: Lord Robert May, Oxford University

The workshop will be integrated within ICEC as a special track. Details TBA.

List of accepted papers:

  • Luis De Faria and Steve Phelps. An investigation of the consequences of Basel III using an agent-based model.
  • Domenico Colucci, Simone Salotti and Vincenzo Valori. Some clues to the determinants of feedback behaviour
  • Peter Lewis, Paul Marrow and Xin Yao. A Diversity Dilemma in Evolutionary Markets
  • Neil Rayner, Steve Phelps and Nick Constantinou. Learning is Neither Sufficient Nor Necessary: A Dynamic Agent-Based Model of Long Memory in Financial Markets
  • Boris Mikhaylov, Jesus Cerquides and Juan Rodriguez-Aguilar. Sequential Mixed Auctions
  • Edward Robinson, Peter Mcburney and Xin Yao. Market Niching in Multi-attribute Computational Resource Allocation Systems
  • Daniel Ladley, Terje Lensberg, Jan Palczewski and Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé. Market ecology and financial market stability