TARDIS: Targeting Academic Research for Deposit and Disclosure

Useful Background Reading

Here are some of the articles which chart recent e-Prints developments in the UK starting with a meeting for universities and other interested organisations in London in July 2001. This meeting was chaired by Sheila Corrall, the Director of Academic Services at the University of Southampton and our project director.

MacColl, John, Napier, Marieke and Hunter,Philip, 'Developing an agenda for institutional e-print archives.'
Ariadne Issue 29, 02-October-2001

Pinfield, Stephen, Gardner, Mike and MacColl, John, 'Setting up an institutional e-print archive.'
Ariadne, 31, March-April 2002

Nixon, William, 'The evolution of an institutional e-prints archive at the University of Glasgow.'
Ariadne, 32, June-July 2002

The JISC has also funded a one year project named Romeo to investigate the rights issues surrounding the 'self-archiving' of research in the UK academic community under the Open Archive Initiative's Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.


On a broader front:

The Open Society Institute has released a 2nd edition of A Guide to Institutional Repository Software (January 2004). In e-Prints Soton (which will reflect the research output of the university) we use the pioneering GNU EPrints archiving software developed at the University of Southampton.

For a brief overview of the structure, size, and progress of full text open access e-Print archives see Steve Hitchcock's (also from Southampton University) Metalist of open access eprint archives: the genesis of institutional archives, March 2003 http://opcit.eprints.org/archive-metalist12.html

For Librarians: Suber, Peter, 'Removing the Barriers to Research: An Introduction to Open Access for Librarians', forthcoming from College & Research Libraries 64 (February 2003) pp. 92-94, 113 (slightly abridged). The online version is unabridged http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/writing/acrl.htm

To keep up to date with the global picture, read Peter Suber's Free Online Scholarship Newsletter or his FOS News blog .

Morrison, James L., 'The Free Online Scholarship Movement: An Interview with Peter Suber.', The Technology Source, September-October, 2002 is an easy to read article.

Peter Suber's Timeline is a must to chart developments, for example, the release of the first EPrints software in September 2000.

Browse through the American-Scientist-E-PRINT-Forum (september98-forum) for an essential flavour of relevant discussions.

Read 'The case for institutional repositories: a SPARC position paper' July 2002. It succinctly outlines the viability and long-term impact of university-based digital collections which preserve faculty research and scholarship.

SPARC Institutional Repository Checklist and Resource Guide, SPARC 2002. This practical guide offers an overview of the major issues that institutions and consortia need to address in implementing an institutional repository. http://www.arl.org/sparc/IR/IR_Guide.html

To complete the picture read one of Professor Stevan Harnad's articles such as Harnad, S. 'The self-archiving initiative.' Nature, 410, 1024-1025,2001

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