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PASOA: Provenance Aware Service Oriented Architecture

PASOA aims to investigate the concept of provenance and its use for reasoning about the quality and accuracy of data and services in the context of eScience. The problems of determining the origin of a result or deciding when results of analysis are no longer valid become important concerns in open Grid environment, where providers are dynamically organised in virtual organanisations to offer services to the community. In this context, provenance data is an annotation able to explain how a particular result has been derived.

Objectives of the PASOA project

  • To define execution and service provenance in relation to workflow enactment.
  • To conceive algorithms to reason over provenance data, in order to help scientists to achieve better utilisation of Grid resources for their specific tasks.
  • To design a distributed cooperation protocol to generate provenance data in workflow enactment.
  • To investigate value-added properties that can be deduced from provenance-based data.
  • To engineer a proof of concept software architecture to support provenance generation and reasoning in Grid environments.

Sponsors and Institutions

PASOA is funded by EPSRC under the Fundamental Computer Science for e-Science call.


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