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About the Repository

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About the SONIC Database

This website has been developed by the University of Southampton as part of the European Union (EU) funded SONIC project. See the SONIC Project Homepage for more details.

The purpose of this site is to provide easy and open access to data from measurements of radiated noise from ships. The database was initially set up to contribute to the aims of the SONIC project using data from published sources such as journal articles and commercial reports and also from ship radiated noise measurements carried out as part of the SONIC project. However, any registered user is able to upload their own data to the site and are strongly encouraged to do so.

All users should be fully aware that the data added to the database is publically accessible to anyone visiting the website regardless of whether or not they are registered users. Users should, therefore, only add data that they have permission to make publically accessible.

This database is administered by staff at the University of Southampton, UK. However, the data contained on it are not independently reviewed, vetted or checked by the University of Southampton. Please read the Disclaimer for further information.

Any questions relating to individual datasets should be directed to the organisation responsible for the measurements using the contact details provided.

Contact Information

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Background information

The SONIC project has been undertaken in response to a requirement for EU member states to demonstrate that underwater noise introduced into the marine environment does not harm marine life. Underwater radiated noise from shipping has been identified as a significant contributor to overall ambient levels of underwater noise in the oceans and therefore an improved understanding of this noise source is required.

A brief list of useful references is provided below:

Ambient noise

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Legislation, Standards and class notations

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